Starlight Entertainment Specializes in Wedding Parties.

If ever a day of your life deserves the finest entertainment services, this is it!
Over 15 years of experience specializing in weddings, guarantees your reception will be perfect.

We customize the music to fit your taste, your guests, and the mood.

Call us at 540-842-1889 or email us here.

  When planning a party, wedding, or any event, one of the most important 

  elements is the entertainment.  The right DJ can really make your event come

  alive!  Our DJs can provide entertainment that will keep your guests from leaving

  early and get them up and moving, dancing, mingling, and having fun.  Your

  event can be customized with music ranging from romantic ballads to big band

  and swing, to high-energy dance music and everything in between!  But more

  than just music, our DJs will entertain and can keep the event running smoothly

  with formal announcements and introductions.  With state-of-the-art sound

  equipment, a professional DJ can truly be the life of the party.  Our DJs not only

provide the entertainment but also make sure your event goes without a problem to make your event one

that will be remembered for years to come.


Here are a few things that you can expect from Starlight Entertainment:

* Two consultations before the Wedding date to ensure everything is as 


* Playing appropriate music at the proper sound levels.

* Creating a great atmosphere for dancing and celebrating.

* Memories that will last a lifetime.

* Event appropriate attire.


After you decide you'd like to use Starlight Entertainment for your wedding, we'll either give you the wedding planning packet or have you to obtain it from this website (see above tab labeled wedding planning packet).  You can take your time filling it out, as I only need it back from you completed by two weeks prior to your wedding.  As time gets a little closer,  I'll get your song selections together and I'll give you a call to go over some timing details and the little stuff.  Then I'll actually just gather all of the info, reorder the planner to fit your wedding, delete the unnecessary items, and send you a final customized copy for your review.  The planner is there as a guide, and is customized to fit each wedding.  Some couples don't want all of the things done that's listed on the planner, and some have more that will need to be added.  Any songs that we do not have already we will buy, so there will never be an issue of us not having the song you'd like to have played for your wedding.  

Call us at 540-842-1889 to begin planning the entertainment for your special day today!